Thanksgiving Break Grade Replacements

Offer is available for every American Lit student (regardless of overall grade). Do as many as you’d like. Maximum all five. Work is due by Monday 11/30 by 11:59 pm (hard deadline). Extra Credit will REPLACE lowest formative grade, including zeros and failing quiz grades. Email me for any questions. Lowest you can get is a 70 for effort. Add textual evidence.


1. “The Times Called Officials in Every State: No Evidence of Voter Fraud”

2. “Why the Coronavirus Is Killing More Men than Women”

Literary Analysis:

3. What is the theme of “Dish Night” by Michael Martone? How does the image of dishes & china develop the theme? Paragraph response–two pieces of evidence.

Reading Comprehension:

4. Read “Angels and Blueberries” by Tara Campbell. After, research the difference between an “origin myth” & a “creation myth.” Argue which type of myth the author is modeling.

5. Read “Things Ain’t Always Gone Be This Way” by Honorée Fanonne Jeffers. Describe the voter repression the author’s mother faced in Georgia. What is the “call to action”?

The fine print: you can choose whichever activity you’d like to do. I will figure out where the points best serve you.

You CANNOT replace any assignment you plagiarized or cheated on.

Submit your work with the following file name: ClassBlock_ExtraCredit